Phildar Tendances Knitalong

A knitalong to translate and knit the beautiful sweater #20 from the Automne 05/06 issue of Phildar Tendances (French to English!)

Friday, February 10, 2006


Hello! I've managed to finish both front and back and have seamed the shoulders and sides. I'm hoping to cast on the sleeves tonight but I'm still playing with some math. I'll be away for a week and I don't know if I'll have comupter access so if not, hopefully I'll have a finished sweater by the next time I post!


  • At 2:28 AM EST, Blogger Carly said…

    Wow! That looks so great! Keep up the good work, you may be the first to finish!

  • At 11:08 AM EST, Blogger Jade said…

    Yeah, I think so too.

    Me, I think my Phildar will only be done sometimes in March. I took part in the Knitting Olympics and is currently trying to complete my 'event' in order to get the gold medal. Or at least try to. =P

  • At 1:29 PM EST, Blogger bee said…

    That's so good looking, what kind of yarn did you use? Yum!


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