Phildar Tendances Knitalong

A knitalong to translate and knit the beautiful sweater #20 from the Automne 05/06 issue of Phildar Tendances (French to English!)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Progress Report

Hi All,

Just wanted to say that I finally broke down and got the Karabella Aurora 8 on sale at Knit Happens. Did a swatch for the sweater last night and I just started the ribbing. Since that is nothing exciting, I did not post any pics. Will post one when I am further along.

So how is everyone coming along? I have completed the translation for the back and front if anyone is interested though I think you gals are further along than I am so I am sure you already completed the translation!

By the way, I saw someone posted a question asking for the name of the sweater. Well, there is no name for this sweater as they are identified by a number. This one is 436-T5-160. Hope that helps.


  • At 9:40 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Jade,

    I happened upon this KAL by accident, but then fell in love with the sweater you girls are knitting. I don't speak a lick of French, are you ladies circulating a translated version of the instructions? If so, is there anyway I can buy it from you? I'd even be happy to join the KAL if that's a requirement!



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