Phildar Tendances Knitalong

A knitalong to translate and knit the beautiful sweater #20 from the Automne 05/06 issue of Phildar Tendances (French to English!)

Friday, November 18, 2005


Here's some progress shots so far.

I had to frog back once, since I somehow got off in the pattern. I've altered it just a bit, since I didnt like the *super* tight gauge. I'm using worsted weight on size US 8 needles. I also did 2x2 ribbing on the bottom for 3 inches. I really like this stitch, it's easy to remember and goes fairly quickly! Share your progress shots if you got 'em!


  • At 4:26 PM EST, Blogger Julsey said…

    Nice job Carly! What gauge do you get on 8's? I feel the gague on 4's is really tight!

  • At 9:21 PM EST, Anonymous Brenda said…

    That is a really pretty pattern. I am in the process of staring at the pieces of the bolero I knit from Phildar Tendances Hiver 2005-06, hoping that it will seam itself since I am unsure of the assemblage directions. I speak little French, have a few trusty sources, and a couple of friends in France helping me when they can. I appreciate the resources on your blog.

  • At 9:28 AM EST, Blogger Marji said…

    Carly, that looks great.
    What yarn are you using?


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