Phildar Tendances Knitalong

A knitalong to translate and knit the beautiful sweater #20 from the Automne 05/06 issue of Phildar Tendances (French to English!)

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Gettin' Started

Hmm...alright. Julsey, is the yarn you bought the QuiƩtude in Kraft? I ordered it in Chocolate and hope it is a yummy chocolat-y color but those swatches on the Knit N Tyme website leave a little to be desired color wise. I'm pretty sure that anything would look good knit up into this sweater though. I started translating it tonight, I sure am glad that chart is there. How's the swatching coming?


  • At 10:29 AM EST, Blogger Julsey said…

    Hey Bee - I ordered the Quietude in Kraft - which is not as chocolatey as it looked in the book. It's more of a taupe - check out the photo in my blog. I hope the chocolate is a better color!


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